The Isuzu Southern Kings shareholders’ meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 12 May 2020, failed to take place as anticipated.

Due to the South African government-enforced lockdown regulations, the meeting between Isuzu Southern Kings shareholders, the GRC and the Eastern Province Rugby Union, did not take place following failure by EPRU to secure permits, as required by law, for the sitting to commence.

Isuzu Southern Kings Chairman, Mr Loyiso Dotwana, explained: “Given the current climate around the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown regulations, the Kings Board had timeously put it to the Eastern Province Rugby Union (EPRU) that in order for the meeting to take place at the EPRU offices – where potentially, more than 10 individuals would meet – a government-issued permit would be required if an organisation is not an essential service.

“We further also suggested that perhaps the meeting rather take place via video conference, but the Eastern Province Rugby Union turned down the suggestions, insisting on an in-person meeting which is impossible during this period without the necessary permit.

“We would not want to be part of a legally non-complaint gathering, particularly one that has been so widely publicised, and we attempted all avenues at our disposal to ensure that the meeting would go ahead, but to no avail.”

The Chairman added: “The GRC remains committed to seeing the meeting going ahead and is available to meet at the earliest legally-constituted opportunity. We would also like to place it on record that we are most committed to ensuring a workable relationship with all of our partners, specifically the Eastern Province Rugby Union, as we continue to build towards the establishment a successful rugby franchise and region.

“We will continue to work with the EPRU leadership to reschedule the meeting for an appropriate time.”